Are you a B2B organization looking to pick up a few new clients?


    Utilizing our proprietary Modern Prospecting℠ business development process - along with our database of 42 million business contacts - the team at K2 Prospecting Systems will get to the prospects you’re looking to reach, and bring them to you “ready to buy.” Prospect list included!


    Three reasons we are so successful for our clients:

    1. System/Methodology - Modern Prospecting means multiple touch points encourages quicker response from prospects.
    2. Training - Decades of sales, business development, recruiting, training, and management experience is behind each and every K2 rep.
    3. Technology - Along with our database of 42 million business contacts, we utilize the latest cloud-based technologies for effective communication and maximum efficiency.

    To contact K2 sales, fill out the Information Request Form below - and a team member will connect with you and answer any questions.


    No tricks, gimmicks or long-term commitments.


    At K2, we believe in full transparency - and the fact that we need to provide value each and every day in order to get paid.

    • $20/hr. for a Dedicated, Full-Time Business Development Representative (40 Hours)
    • Pay by the Week
    • No Setup Fees
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      “Kevin is amazing! He came in and built our lead generation program from scratch… and it worked immediately. The program gave our sales reps HOT leads each and every day. Kevin’s program has had a permanent impact on our go-to-market strategies for new stores.” 


      - Randy Clegg, CEO, Apple Spice Box Lunch Delivery & Catering Co.


      Kevin M. Downey

      Founder & CEO

      K2 Prospecting Systems was founded in 2020 by Kevin M. Downey - creator of the Modern Prospecting Business Development System and the Fuel & Fire Sales Training System.


      Born and raised in Orland Park, IL, I’m a Kansas City area sales leader and entrepreneur with a history of success in business development, program design, and team building. I grew up in an enterprising family with immigrant grandparents who ventured into the restaurant business in the 1950s. They sold their restaurant in the 1970s and built a ceramic tile retail and distribution business where I spent a lot of time growing up. (Their business evolved into one of the largest importers of European ceramic tile in the United States.)


      I completed my Master’s Degree with Honors from Lewis University in Romeoville, IL. I received my Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Iowa, which is also where I met my wife, Melissa. We are both still devoted Hawkeye fans.


      My early successes were in the golf industry. I was a golf professional right out of college, and then drifted towards the sales branch of the sport – a move that would shape the rest of my career. At the tender age of 27, I was hired as the youngest sales representative at Slazenger Golf Company in Greenville, South Carolina. At that job, a well-respected golf pro advised the person who would later become my manager that “someone should hire me before you-know-who nabs that kid.” And I guess he was right, because during my time there, I more than tripled sales in my territory.


      I later worked in a similar role for Callaway Golf Company in Carlsbad, California where I continued to see exceptional results and establish my mastery of the sales profession. I relocated with Callaway to the Kansas City area in 2000.


      In 2003, I took my experience to the next level and opened Leawood Office Business Center, a series of executive office suites. I served as the project manager of the multi-million dollar real estate development, utilizing my sales background to build up the business through advertising, public relations, and product pitches. I also built an engaged, well-trained staff and implemented business strategies to ensure the long term health of the operation.


      After a little over 10 years as an entrepreneur, I took another leap forward and founded Kevin Downey Recruiting Systems in Overland Park, KS. As director, I created a formula for optimizing the recruitment process using my business analysis abilities. My eye for high-quality, qualified candidates combined with my advertising background built a business that produced boundless talent for my clients.


      The following years led me to create my own full scale B2B sales firm, which I named Lightning Sales & Marketing Group as a nod to how quickly my and my team produced results. In 2018, the company saw success in a variety of industries nationwide from food services to digital marketing. My focus at Lightning was not just to build teams and strategies but to take this one step further and make them simple, scalable, and repeatable. I knew that these would be the keys to his clients’ long term success and growth.


      I joined the Apple Spice team in 2019. As a consulting VP of Sales, I became a pivotal part of developing their franchise locations. I quickly saw areas for development, resulting in my creation of my turnkey lead generation and sales solution that revolutionized their operations. I built and trained a nationwide team from the ground up and devised all tools to ensure their success. Apple Spice continues to lead the catered box lunch industry to this day.


      When I’m not building businesses and closing sales, I enjoy competitive running, golf, travel, and of course, spending lots of quality time with my wife and two sons.

      Brittney Estes

      Director of Business Development

      Brittney Estes has been with K2 Prospecting Systems since its inception, directing the company's internal business development strategies and BDR training program.


      With over six years’ experience building and executing effective marketing and sales programs across a wide range of functions and elements, including go-to-market strategy, sales enablement, partner program development, analytics, customer success, and revenue operations. As a hands-on sales leader throughout the full sales lifecycle, Brittney identifies innovative systems to increase revenue development through driving funnels with high quality leads that convert into targeted sales pipelines and into new client acquisition. I effectively manage teams and marketing budgets while communicating internally and externally with executive teams, stakeholders, and vendors.


      Brittney graduated from the University of Central Missouri in 2018 with a bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management, with a focus on management. In her free time, she enjoys hiking with her fur baby and working out. She also has a passion for working with and helping the elderly in her community.


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